The Rift (Rift Saga Book 1)

The Rift (Rift Saga Book 1) - Ella Avery, S.L. Morgan, Amanda Baker Does anyone really have the perfect life? Cara is about to find out the answer, and she may be surprised as to what it might truly be.

I must say, the first chapter was a bit slow for me, but I have learned that one should never judge a book by it's first chapter (I learned this the hard way). By chapter three I was completely involved in this and found it fascinating, I couldn't put it down at times. The two authors, Avery and Morgan, did a great job blending their storytelling abilities. The settings and storytelling was absolutely wonderful.

Going from a life Cara once knew to another only to find out that there are mystical forces behind it, it was easy for Cara to be quite confused and unsure what to do. Of course, once she is pushed to her limits, not only does she surprise herself, but those who seek her out. She's far stronger than those who want her. Not only does she learn what is the "perfect life", but also who, or what, to trust, which is a lot more difficult than one might think. There is romance, but it does not detract from the story, which I always appreciate. There is more to Cara than meets the eye and I'm sure we'll learn more as the series progresses. I'm quite interested to see how she fares in the sequel as I don't want to give out spoilers.

I received this ARC for an honest review.