Spirit Unleashed: Reimagining Human-Animal Relations

Spirit Unleashed: Reimagining Human-Animal Relations - Anne Benvenuti Found this to be really fascinating, and I'm not saying this because I had the pleasure to be a student of hers. I knew from the get go this book would be really well done because of her knowledge, experience, and excitement when talking about our animal friends. I was not disappointed and found myself unable to put this down and quite enjoyable

While reading, I could just feel the passion come off the page as well as if she was right there having a conversation with you. This is what made it more enjoyable for me, because if the author can show and explain what they are discussing and truly reach out to their reader then that's half the battle to get the readers!

Naturally several parts hit home as I felt a connection between two of my rabbits and one of my dogs when growing up, while watching my mom interact with our dog and one of our rabbits (all the while nursing him back to health). Many parts of this book once again affirmed that this connection that we have with our pets (companions rather) and other members of the animal kingdom can and does exist as well as it always will.