The Reckoning

The Reckoning - S.L. Morgan This was a roller coaster of a ride. While some got the e-book sooner, really Amazon?, than others, honestly B&N! rude!, all I can say is I was more than happy to wait for such an end for the amazing series. This book made me laugh, cry, angry, and shocked...

This isn't your typical "boy saves girl and her whole life changes while she is safely protected" type story. There are several strong ladies in this story including the lead, Reece, who stepped up to the call of duty with such grace and courage! So much that she would outwardly defy her father-in-law to save her husband's life when all hope was lost for him, as well as slap Harrison (wish he did that to Levi!) The others being Angie, Lizzy, and Lady Allestaine. Even Simone, though I thoroughly despise her to no end, is strong willed and tempered even if she was weak due to hatred. These females, except you Simone!, have joined my other favorite females, such as Hermione, Alanna, Daja, Alayna, and a few others, as some of the best! Levi was great and we see how he was when he lost his memory, but they pushed through. We see how Levi changed for the better and to the man Reece fell in love with. My favorite has been, and always will be Harrison. He has changed so much, for the better, but also remained his lovable and wonderful self and not too much that it was so uncharacteristic of himself.

The character development we see is wonderful not just in these ladies, but with Levi, Harrison, and the other characters. Seeing how amazing they interact and think are wonderful, and how it is perfectly acceptable for a Lady to be strong. They even have Lady Guardians now as they can be just as amazing as we saw with Angeline and Reece. Their descriptions were great and each one had a different and wonderful personality.

The descriptions are amazing and I truly felt that I was right there with everyone in the Palace or the special spots or even on Earth! The fight scenes were wonderfully done and I felt the excitement that the characters were experience. I even felt like I had a premonition for Reece at one point because I felt so connected to the series.

The story was absolutely wonderfully done and written that I was terribly sad that it had to end. I've grown to love these characters and share these experiences. I felt I was there, that it was all real, and I was on these adventures with them. I can't wait to reread these books. The one thing that threw me off was the introduction of one character and made me wonder if that means there is two story lines now that can be explored or if it's very much like the time turners in Prisoner of Azkaban, but it didn't matter greatly to me as the author did make it flow with ease.

I don't think it has ended though, not fully. The last chapter gives me hope that we will return to Pemdas with Reece, Levi, Harrison, Angie, and the others, and not just with hope of visiting with a future generation or prequels.