The Clockwork Scarab: A Stoker & Holmes Novel

The Clockwork Scarab: A Stoker & Holmes Novel - Colleen Gleason The story was quite enchanting and very fun to get engrossed in. The mystery was there without it being over bearing. The different point-of-views were quite refreshing. This had everything from mystery to time travel to vampires with a hint of romance. There were some romantic elements, but thankfully not too bad. They were enough though for the audience it needed. I also appreciated that the romantic interests did not have a triangle involving both girls and one guy to choose between them.

I was first interested in the fact that it involved some relations to Bram Stoker and Sherlock Holmes, but the author created unique plays on these two women so that they were different and could hold their own to their famous relations. I also enjoyed it due to the fact that it involved Egyptian mythology, one of my favorite mythologies out there. The characters were flawed, but also strong. It was good to see women proving to be both strong mentally but physically as well.

I cannot wait for the next story. I did receive this as part of Goodread's first-read's giveaway, but that had no bearing on my review of the story.