Blessed Child

Blessed Child - Ted Dekker, Bill Bright First of all: I won this from a goodreads giveaway for free. Now that is out of the way, here is my room.

I never read a Ted Dekker book before this, a friend recommended other books by him though, so I wasn't sure going into this what his writing style was about nor what it was about.

Ii was pleasantly surprised by this book. I knew it was a Christian book, and it's extremely obvious from beginning to end, but I felt that it wasn't as overly "religious" as it could have been. It was clear that this book was sending a message and it seems easy for many to say that he was just advertising his religion, well it is a book with Christianity at it's base so that was obvious, but it is a good message for those who are unsure, interest, or need help with their faith. It definitely got me thinking constantly about mine.

It was easy to get attached to all the characters, especially Caleb, and found myself caring especially about him more and more. It's an extremely good read. I loved the writing style and voice. The story was extremely slow at first, it took me 100 to 120 pages to get into it, but once I stuck with the book I was rewarded greatly with a very fast paced read. It was perfect with political intrigue, religion, and mystery. Loved watching all the characters grow. What I loved seeing the most was that Caleb always going back to his faith when he faltered. Overall it's a very very good book and would recommend it to anyone.