Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell Cloud Atlas is really interesting in the fact that there are several distinct stories within one book. It was written well and the distinct sections were told well and formatted just right so that you could tell you were reading more about Sonmi-459 instead about Cavenaugh.

While there was a common thread between the stories, I found the stories that were broken out in this book were a bit confusing. While I do prefer to be orderly and have one cohesive blend from start to finish, I do like ones that bounce around from time to time as well as long as it was done right. For me, this wasn't done right. I often found myself having to go back to a different section because I couldn't fully remember where that particular story fell off at, especially since I read some of this on my lunch). Then I found myself so entranced in one that by the time that part was done I wanted to go to the second part before going onto the next story. While the individual stories flowed really well, the book just didn't flow properly for me. I never saw the movie, but I have heard the flow is a bit different. That may be a good thing, but I can tell the book would probably be better.

The characters were wonderful and very distinctive. I enjoyed a few of the stories that were in here, primarily the mystery and dystopian, but that's because those genres are genres I prefer to read.

I can see why many love it, it is a really good book and Mitchell did a good job showing how one action or artifact can affect so many people. He did a wonderful job housing several different genres into one book, a feet I commend him for.

All in all, it is a good book, just not one for me. It's a very interesting book and good for any and everyone who wants that one book that is different and makes you think. I did win this through the Goodreads first reads.