London Dawn

London Dawn - Murray Pura While I have never read the first two books in this series, I was quite interested in this series given that it was set during WWII and alluded to being very much Downton Abbey-esque. I will admit I was quite confused as to who the characters and their relationships to each other at times, especially at the beginning it started to make more and more sense as the book led on. The use of the Bible and songs were wonderfully done.

There were times in which I found it a bit slow, for my tastes, but it soon picked up again relatively soon. It seemed to be that way for a little bit in the middle, but it picked up during the last hundred pages. Many characters were very realistic and reminded me of people I knew, while some seemed like they could have been more "complete". While I wanted to hate some characters, Eva most of all, Pura did a great job at making the character adapt and change. Other characters I couldn't sympathize with at all, but alas we all have our favorites and our least favorites!

For those who are interested in historical fiction, especially WWII, you would probably enjoy this series a lot. Over all it was a very good series and I do plan on reading the prior two books in the series.

Finally, I received this as a Goodreads first read and am required to give an honest review.