Easter Delights Cookbook

Easter Delights Cookbook - Karen Jean Matsko Hood One of my favorite genre's of books is cookbooks. So this seemed to be right up my ally for books. What surprised me was the content. Not only did you get recipes for Easter, that could actually be used through out the year, but there was also poems, facts, folklore, and history. It was fun with the folklore and I enjoyed reading about the different traditions in countries.

I always love seeing different recipes for certain foods and I always love to make their versions and compare them. Many of the recipes in this book are quite interesting and sound delicious. I do like that she even goes into detail about canning for jams and jellies. There are many recipes in here and aren't limited to the entree, desert, appetizers, and salads, but dressings, sides, jams, and preserving foods.

The poems was a wonderful surprise. I enjoyed reading them and it's great to see something heartfelt. The facts, folklore, and history is very nice and I enjoyed having that part of it. The glossary of terms and measuring conversions is always really good to have.

Overall it's really good to have for those would like to try new recipes and/or create new traditions and learn about others.

Received this as a Good-Read's first read's book in exchange for an honest review.