Huckleberry Christmas

Huckleberry Christmas - Jennifer Beckstrand I must admit, at first this was a tad bit slow and obvious in many areas, but it was such a sweet and endearing story. I'm not one for a lot of romance, but this was done very well done and I enjoyed how Tyler approached the romance. I also enjoyed the fact that the woman is a very strong woman and how Tyler let Beth be strong and accepted everything instead of being turned off by it.

I liked how Jennifer showed how anger can be calm still and that it still can be tempered with love without resentment; Jennifer also does really well in showing how resentment hurts not only Beth but those around Beth until she freed herself.

There was some action (Not like an action movie) and humor as well which made this even more enjoyable. I could see this on Hallmark Channel or ISNP, not in a bad way, but because this would make for a really adorable TV movie that I would watch hands down and in a heartbeat as long as they stuck to the book.

Definitely want to read the other books in the matchmaking series. I received this through a Goodread's first read giveaway for an honest review.