Boneseeker - Brynn Chapman At first I wasn't sure how Brynn would work the daughter of Sherlock and the son of John Watson, but I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. I have grown up fascinated by Sherlock Holmes and his stories, both in books and on screen, so I hoped that this would be wonderfully different but so familiar at the same time. I was not let down!

First of all, the story written very beautifully, and at such a great pace that it made me not want to put it down and it held my attention. So much so I finished it in one night.

I was concerned on how she would do the relationship between the two main characters, I did not want to have the romance get in the way of the story telling. Brynn did fabulously on keeping focus on the story with the romance on the side as well as how the characters had grown over the book and interacted with each other and others.

There was enough mystery that it had me guessing, though towards the middle of the book I had a feeling of who it might be. What is really nice is she gives you enough tidbits to make your conclusions, then gives you another to doubt yourself just enough. At least for me.

Really is a great read. I won this through GoodRead's First Reads.