The Dragon Dreamer

The Dragon Dreamer - J.S. Burke Definitely a good book for the young adults and would recommend this to all middle school aged readers. I especially love it because it had the element of ice. It was also having two different main characters, a dragon and an octopus, working and fighting together.

The beginning was a bit off for me, but I always found beginnings to be the difficult part of the book. Once I got into the story more, the pace was better and it became a lot more fun to read. The details in this story is absolutely wonderful, especially when it came to the ocean.

This story is absolutely wonderful, especially for those in middle school as thee message was wonderful with accepting who you are and loving what you are and all your gifts that you were given. Also teaching that the adversity regardless of everything you've been through and with the help of friends.

I received this as a free book from Good Read's first reads and provided an honest review.