Snow Globe

Snow Globe - Hilton Laura Hilton I received this through GoodReads first read's.

The writing and the flow of the book was done very well and kept me interested throughout the book. The author did a very good job in keeping the story progress without giving away too much too soon or too late.

This is a very sweet story. I loved the story behind Victor leaving before returning and he seemed to contain a lot of growth. Esther had some development, but not nearly as much as I hoped; that being said there really didn't seem to be much except that she was able to gain and keep her voice that she needed to preserve. What I enjoyed was it not only about romance, and being with the proper one you love and are meant to be with, but also being true to who you are, even in the face of hatred and evil.

There was one section that I was not a fan of, even if it served the story, but it was still good and the story was still wonderful. Definitely enjoyed and hope to read more.