Norseman Raider

Norseman Raider - Jason Born Quite an interesting read. I was a bit confused at first, just because it felt like a lot of characters at once in the beginning, though it was not difficult for long. It wasn't hard to get into the story without reading the others first as it does come off as a good stand a lone. I do feel, though, I would, and will, enjoy it better when I read the others.

The writing was good, a bit different than what I am used to but that's what I love about different writers. Characters are really well detailed and definitely not two dimensional. The story flowed well and it was nice to see both Norse Mythology and the Christian religion come into play; especially the Norse as I find it to be second (well third or even lower) fiddle to that of Greek/Roman and Egyptian mythologies even though it is just as fascinating as the others if not more.

Language can be a bit graphic at times, but not major nor distracting. Definitely recommend for those who are into Mythology, Norse/Vikings, and Tolkein.

I did receive this through GoodRead's FirstReads, but that did not affect my judgement.