Back to Christmas

Back to Christmas - Dennis Canfield Received this book as part of Goodreads First Reads.

This is really good for those who are fans of Elf on a Shelf and have little ones who are fighting and are being "grumps". If there could be a family version of Scrooge this is it!

It's a really sweet story about a family who may never find hope of being off the "Permanent Naughty List" if they don't get their act together. An elf lets Amanda know that this is their last Christmas before they arrive on that list if they don't change for the better. It is a race against time for Amanda to rescue her family's happiness and get them back into the Christmas spirit, and in the process maybe another.

I would definitely recommend this to family, especially with young ones, but also for teens and young adults who are quite unhappy during this time of the year.